Image Gallery in Article


This is for sites with Phoca Gallery installed. If you are not sure if you have Phoca Gallery installed, please contact us.

Once you have uploaded images in a category, you have the option of inserting a gallery of a particular category, inside of an article. The advantage of using an image gallery is that it allows you to insert a group of images into an article, without having to deal with formatting or trying to line up multiple images as you would if you were inserting images directly into an article, one by one.

Each Phoca Gallery category has an ID number. You can find the ID number by going to Components, Phoca Gallery, Categories. The last column in the categories list is ID. 

For example, you may have created a Phoca Gallery category called ‘Hebrew School 2012’ and uploaded images that you want to then show in a gallery on the Hebrew School page. When you look at the category list in Phoca Gallery, you see that the ID number is 3. (This is only an example, your own categories will have the names you chose and different ID numbers).

You then go to the article manager and open the article where you want to insert the gallery. Or you can, of course, create a new article.

Inside of the article, you will need to insert the following, at the place where you want the gallery to appear:

{phocagallery view=category|categoryid=3}

You will change the category ID number to match the number of the category you want to display.

The entire {phocagallery view=category|categoryid=3} must be UNFORMATTED text. If the gallery does not appear on the front end after you have saved the article,  highlight the {phocagallery view=category|categoryid=3} text in the article and select the eraser icon  on the editing toolbar to remove all formatting.eraser