Creating a Menu

new menu

How to create a new menu:

Sometimes you will want to create a new menu. It may be a side menu that will appear on every page, or a menu that appears only on a certain section of the site. The Youth section, for example, might have a sub menu that displays options for the Religious School, Bar/Bat Mitzvah preparation, Youth services, etc. 

Go to Menus – Menu Manager on the back end of the website. new menu

 Click on ‘New’

new menu adding

This example has ‘test’ but you will put in whatever name you want for the menu. The title is how it will display in the list of modules. You can change the title later. You can use the same name for the ‘menu type’ (but avoid using spaces). When you are done, click ‘Save and Close’ on the right hand side menu.  

adding module for menu

You will now be able to create the module for the menu to display. You can choose a title and whether to display the title. You will also need to choose a module position. If you do not know the module positions that are available on your website, please contact us and we will assist. 

This is also where you will choose what pages the menu will appear on. The default is all pages, but you can also choose to select menu items from the list (see below).

menu module


Now go to Menus on the top of the screen and choose your new menu from the drop down options. You can now create new menu items.