Extensions – Components and Modules

When you are logged into the back end of the website as the administrator, you will see references to Components and Modules. What are they?

Components:  Components are a type of ‘mini-program’ that you can run within the site. A photo gallery, for example, may be a component. Other examples are the Contacts component, Forums, and Akeeba Backup. Many components have parameters that you can change. 
When you create a new menu item, one of your options is to link to a component. So when creating a new menu item for the calendar, you would choose Component as the menu type, and then Events as the component.

Modules: Modules display information on the site, usually in the left or right margin or above or below the main text of the page. The Candlelighting times, for example, are displayed in a module. The Jewish news and Upcoming Events lists are also modules. 
In our system, MENUS are actually a type of module. After you create a menu through the menu manager, and add menu items, you can then move that menu or assign it to different pages by going to ‘Extensions – Module Manager.’

On the back end of the website, you will also see a Plugin Manager – you do not normally need to make any changes to plugins.