Upcoming Events Module


The Upcoming Events Module has several options that you can change. (For information about moving the Upcoming Events Module, see Moving a Module.) To change the module options, go to Extensions – Module Manager, and click on the Upcoming Events module. The parameters menu on the right hand side lets you choose which categories should display in the Upcoming Events listing.


The parameters below allow you to change how the information is displayed. If you find that your Upcoming Events listing is getting too long, limit the maximum number of events to display. The display mode works as follows (using #2 is recommended):

0: (default) display closest events for current week and following week only up to maxEvents
1: same as 0 except some past events for the current week will also be displayed if number of future events is less than maxEvents.
2: display closest events for +days range relative to current day up to maxEvents.
3: same as mode 2 except if there are < maxEvents in the range, then display past events within -days range relative to current day.
4: display closest events for current month up to maxEvents relative to current day.