Inserting/Editing Images


Inserting/Editing Images in an Article (Not Photo Gallery)

While editing an article, look for the icon ‘insert/edit image’ (it’s hard to see clearly, but it looks like a small square picture, kind of blue-green). imgmanager.gif

When you click on the insert image icon, a new window will pop up.
To upload a new image to the website from your own computer, click on the upload icon. The upload icon is the middle icon right above the ‘details’ section. If you hold your mouse over the icon, it will say ‘upload.’




When you click on upload, another window will pop up, that allows you to browse for the image on your computer, and upload it to the site.



Click ‘add’ and find the file on your computer. You can click ‘add’ more than once to find multiple files and add them to the list. When you are done, click ‘upload’ at the bottom of the window. Each red ‘x’ will turn into a green check mark once the file has been uploaded. When each filename has a green check mark, click ‘close.’

You will be back at the Image Manager, where you can now select the image file name. Make sure the image file name appears in the url field at the top of the box. Choose alignment, if needed (default is left). When you are done, click on the insert button at the bottom of the pop up window. If you don’t see it, you may need to scroll down  in your browser.

For all images on a website – remember that the smaller the image (in terms of kilobytes, not inches), the faster the page will load. If you have pictures you took with a digital camera, use image editing software when needed to reduce the file size to make it suitable for web posting.

Once an image is uploaded once, it is available to insert on any page of your site, you do not need to upload it again.

To insert an image that is already uploaded, click on insert/edit image, and navigate to the image using the folder and file list on the bottom half of the window. When you select an image, it will appear in the details section, and you can click ‘insert’ to add it to the article.

To edit an image you have already inserted in an article, select the image by right clicking on it and click on insert/edit image. You can change the alt-text (the text that appears if the picture does not load or is blocked by the user), the dimensions (it is best to use an image that is the dimensions you want, or edit it first in separate image editing software, rather than make large changes here in the dimensions), add a border, and change the alignment. The default alignment is on the left side of the article.