Inserting Links

add link button

Links – to create a link to another page on your website or to an external site – enter the text that you want to serve as a link and highlight it with your mouse. (You can also select an image you have already inserted in the article). You then click on the insert/edit link icon (it looks like a link of a chain).

add link button  A new window will pop up.

insert link dialog

For a link to an external site, such as – enter the full url into the url field. When you create a link to an external website, you will usually want to change the ‘Target’ drop down in the attributes section to ‘Open in new window.’ This means that when someone clicks on the link, the new website will open in a new tab or window on their computer, and the synagogue website will remain open as well. Once you have entered the URL and selected the Target option, click ‘Insert’ to insert the link in the article.

For a link to an email address (that will launch the user’s email client such as Outlook), click on the envelope icon and enter the ‘to’ address in the new pop up window. The other fields are optional.

For a link to another article on your website, click on the + sign next to ‘Content’ in the Link Browser section. The menu will expand to show sections, categories and articles. You can then select the article you want to link to, and click insert at the bottom of the pop up window

For a link to a menu item on your website (can be an article, calendar, publications list, etc.), click on the + sign next to ‘Menu’ in the Link Browser section. The menus will expand and you can find the menu item you want to link to, and then click insert at the bottom of the pop up window.

To upload and link to a pdf or doc file, click on the browser button next to the url field.browse button

You can click the upload button on the right hand side of the pop up, to find the file on your computer. Do not upload files more than 2 megabytes. Once you have uploaded the file, select it in the list and click ‘Insert.’ Make sure a URL has appeared in the URL field, if not you will need to click browse again, select the file again (do not upload it again) and click insert again.

NOTE: If you are using a component for document management, you will have different instructions for uploading and inserting links to pdfs and docs. 

To remove a link from an article, highlight the text or picture that serves as the link, and click on the broken chain link icon.