Transitioning off ShofarSites hosting

This is instructions strictly for existing ShofarSite hosting clients.  There is no phone support for this, only email.  Use the Email in the shutdown announcement you received or send us an email on the contact form.

  1. You need to get new web hosting.  You will probably need to get a new site design unless your new hosting company provides a Temple hosting package.
  2. If we are registering your domain, you will need to have your domain moved to a new registrar.  We can move your domain to your own account at Hover for no charge, if you wish.
    Regardless of your domain registrar, You MUST change your DNS settings for both the WWW and non-www host name to your new hosting company, the old ones will not work.  If you change only the www one, then some people will not be able to get to your site and searching will be impacted.
  3. Your existing site, on Shofarsites, was built with Joomla 2.5.7.  This is an obsolete system.  You can not move the site to a new hosting company without at least upgrading to the latest Joomla.
    On request, we can provide a database and file dump.  You need to find technical support who will help you integrate these into your new site, or do it yourself, which requires web and database technical skills. We can not provide such aid.
    Here are some suggestions of Temple specific hosting companies. We can not provide any references or details on these.
  4. If you are moving to WordPress, or a hosting service that can import a WordPress data dump: For a flat rate of $350 prepaid, we can provide a WordPress data and file dump, made by importing your existing Joomla site.  You still need to find WordPress hosting and have a new template created.  We would expect that you will need technical help in the effort.  Email us for arrangements including payment details.